Hairsmiths Unisex Hair Salon Staff

Patricia is an award winner stylist with 30+ years experience with a vast knowledge of of colouring & cutting techniques. Patricia will always give you 100% service with a smile & works in both our salon locations.

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Dimitris is a Greek & English speaking stylist trained at De Stijl Varosi in Thessaloniki, Greece. In the business for for over 15 years, Dimitris has also trained in Berlin. Dimitris joined team Hairsmiths in August 2012.

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Katerina has been a member of the Hairsmiths team from day one. Excellent with blonde hair & highlighting, Katerina was the winner of our 2011 highlighting competition which had taken her to Budapest to the World Schwarzkopf seminar where she trained alongside the worlds top stylists.
Once again joining Team Hairsmiths, Vera has been in the industry 25+ years & a valuable asset to our team. Trained in Liverpool & now based in our My Mall salon, Vera will be sure to exceed all expectations.
Andria is an English & Greek speaking stylist trained in Cyprus with 20 years experience. Andria has been a member of the team from October 2012.
Maria Demetriou is a Cypriot stylist trained at R & Z Hairdressing Academy with 10+ years experience. A member of our team since November 2015. photo soon to follow.
Renay is our Junior stylist training under the supervision of our Senior team in our My Mall Location.
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